I write and perform shows:

The Miracleman Project, a two-man superhero stage show adaptation of the comic books written by Alan Moore in the 1980s, developed and performed by Bruce Woolley and I in the 1990s and beyond.

Faraday’s Candle, a one-hour, one-man version of English scientist Michael Faraday’s 1848 Christmas candle lectures, developed and performed for CSIRO.

A Box of Stories, traditional and original Japanese kamishibai (paper theatre) stories, a form of street storytelling from 1930s Tokyo. Below, a sequence from one of mine:

Takao rides his bike down the dusty Tokyo streets in 1931.

He announces his arrival with his clap sticks.

The local kids all run from their homes to buy a treat and see and hear Takao’s kamishibai stories.

In 2015, I travelled to Minamisanriku, a town north of Sendai in Japan, with Polyglot theatre company as part of a project to collect stories from the community, to build a performance with the help of primary school children, and to perform that show at local kindergartens. Being in Minamisanriku was a profound experience (not only because I saw a yokai!). After we returned, Sue Giles at Polyglot asked me if I’d make a comic story of our trip, and I did.  It’s called ‘Momotaro, tsugi wa?’, which means, ‘Momotaro, what next?’ Here it is: