Ever since playing the Big Bad Wolf as an eight year old, I’ve enjoyed being on stage. More recently…

The Miracleman Project, a two-man superhero stage show adaptation of the comic books written by Alan Moore in the 1980s, developed and performed by Bruce Woolley and I in the 1990s and beyond.

Faraday’s Candle, a one-hour, one-man version of English scientist Michael Faraday’s 1848 Christmas candle lectures, developed and performed for CSIRO.

Japanese kamishibai (paper theatre) is a form of street storytelling from 1930s Tokyo which I perform in Melbourne and elsewhere in the 21st century.

photo by fellow kamishibaya, Jackie Kerin

Below, a sequence from a kamishibai story that I made, titled A Box of Stories:

Takao rides his bike down the dusty Tokyo streets in 1931.

He announces his arrival at the street corner with his clap sticks.

The local kids all run from their homes to buy a treat and see and hear Takao’s kamishibai stories.

Shizugawa Bay, Minamisanriku, Japan

In 2015, I travelled to Minamisanriku, a town north of Sendai in Japan, with Polyglot theatre company as part of a project to: collect stories from the community, build a performance with the help of primary school children, and to perform that show at local kindergartens. Being in Minamisanriku was a profound experience (and not only because I saw a yokai). After we returned, Sue Giles at Polyglot asked me if I’d make a comic story of our trip, and I said ‘hai’, ie ‘yes’. The  resultant comic booklet is called Momotaro, tsugi wa?, which means, Momotaro, what next? and here it is: