Tango: the giant Australian romance comics anthology

Above: the most recent editions of Tango, both published in 2009: 'The Tango Collection' selected stories from Tango issues 1 - 8 and is published by Allen and Unwin. 'Tango9: Love and War' was the most recent 'in series' issue and is published by Cardigan Comics.

Tango is the Australian romance comics anthology

Tango was published almost annually by Cardigan Comics from 1997 to 2009. Since the third issue, each number  had a sub-theme: 'Love in Melbourne', 'Love and Death', 'Love and the Senses', 'Love and Sex', 'Love and Sedition', 'Love and Food' and 'Love and War'.

Tango is a showcase for a range of Australian comic bookers.

Each issue of Tango presents comic strip stories by both experienced and emerging Australian comic book makers, side-by-side.

The Tango project aims to promote and develop the world of Australian comic books.

For a six page comic book introduction to the Tango project, look here: romance-comics (pdf:1.3mb).